What are the features of PVC foam board?

PVC foam board

PVC foam board, his main component polyvinyl chloride, overall his quality is relatively light, can present the three-dimensional effect is also very good, and non-flammable, but also very high strength, stability is also very good, suitable for both indoor and outdoor environment. But he has a disadvantage, is that PVC foam board is not resistant to high temperature, if it is exposed to sunlight for a long time, it may appear aging deformation or discoloration.

Today we will introduce the advantages of pvc foam board.

Thermal insulation performance

PVC foam board has good thermal insulation performance, with a thermal conductivity of 0.025 or so, which is a better material for building insulation;

Waterproof performance

pvc foam board waterproof

The foam hole of PVC foam board is closed, the closing rate is 95%, rainwater will not penetrate from between the holes, so the waterproof effect is good.

Spraying effect

After spraying the surface of PVC foam sheet, it can form a whole waterproof layer without joints, which cannot be achieved by other polymer coil materials.

Bonding performance

PVC foam board

PVC foam board can be bonded very firmly with wood, metal, masonry, glass and other materials, and has strong solidity.

PVC foam board can also be used as construction materials, suitable for new roofing or old roof repair, especially the old roof repair, without removing the original waterproof layer and insulation layer, only need to remove the surface of the ash, sand debris, using PVC foam board as the base plate for spraying; construction is simple and fast. Each worker can spray more than 200 square meters per day.


As a new type of sheet, PVC foam board has its unique product characteristics and product performance, and can be widely used in various fields of chemical industry, building materials and advertising.

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