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PVC foam board

The PVC foam board, is a kind of sheet extruded using PVC (poly-recorded vinyl) as the main material. This kind of sheet has smooth and flat surface, honeycomb texture in cross section, light quality, high strength and good weather resistance. It can partially replace wood and steel. It is suitable for carving, hole turning, painting, gluing and other processes. It is not only widely used in advertising industry, but also widely used in decoration, furniture and many other fields.

Common specifications of PVC foam board

The width of PVC foam board is 1220*2440mm, 1560*3050mm, 2050*3050mm Among them, 1220*2440mm is the most used.

The thickness of PVC foam board varies from 1mm to 32mm in increments. The thickness of 3mm-8mm is commonly used in advertising board; 5mm-15mm is commonly used in furniture board, while the thickness of 12mm/15mm is commonly used in construction template, whose thickness does not exceed 20mm

The processing technology of PVC foam board has progressed rapidly, both in terms of equipment, moulds and formulation process for foaming.

New type PVC foam board

Wood powder or other fillers are added to the PVC foam board, and by adding different fillers, different characteristics are given to the rigid PVC foam board. Improve the scope of application of the product in replacing various building materials, decorative materials. At the same time hard PVC foam board have good surface decorative properties.

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