The application of PVC foam board in construction formwork

pvc foam board


PVC foam board for construction formwork is a new type of formwork in the construction industry, this kind of formwork uses PVC Celuka board, PVC construction formwork has huge advantages in strength and quality of formwork compared with ordinary formwork. And it can provide the efficiency of building construction process and reduce the labor intensity. In addition, PVC foam board can be used dozens of times, which has the advantages of green and economic energy saving.

Resource Substitution

Our country, China, is a country with a serious shortage of wood, with low forest cover and relatively scarce forest resources. In addition, with the continuous development of China’s economic level and the increase in the need for science and technology applications, the consumption of wood is also growing.

According to the data, China’s annual application of bamboo template and wood glue laminated template use is more than 500 million square meters, and most of the template will be scrapped after 1-2 times of use.

Therefore, in order to save resources, PVC foam board is invested in the use of building construction as a new type of construction template. As a chemical compound, PVC is simple to produce and can be recycled.


The density of PVC foam board used as construction template is relatively high, which can ensure that it has enough hardness and toughness in use. Compared with the white foam board, the gray PVC foam board is more popular in the use of construction formwork.

PVC foam board is a synthetic product, the product process and formula can be randomly adjusted according to the requirements of use, so as to produce different properties and shapes of materials, its profile utilization rate is close to 100%. PVC foam board production process of its common additives are environmentally friendly and safe, non-toxic and harmless, and its production process does not produce side effects, so it does not pose any harm to the human body and the environment.

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