PVC Foam Board Surface


PVC foam board has two surfaces, matt and glossy, and today we will discuss the difference between these two surfaces.

According to the different production processes, PVC foam board can be divided into Celuka board and free foam board. The surface of the Celuka PVC was forced cooling to form a hard layer,  this epidermal layer is not foamed. Celuka board has a very high surface hardness, generally difficult to Produce scratches. Celuka board has a glossy smooth surface and looks beautiful, so it is widely used in cabinets, decorative panels , and construction materials.

PVC-free foam board refers to the PVC foam board made by allowing the molten foam to expand freely after leaving the mold opening and then shaping it through the shaping device. The surface of the free foam board has a matt effect, which is conducive to ink adsorption. Because of the general low hardness of the surface of PVC-free foam board, it is often used for advertising display boards, framing boards, etc.

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