Density of PVC Foam Board

pvc celuka foam sheet

Some of our customers often don’t know what density of PVC foam board they want when they ask for a quotation. Today we will discuss this issue.

The density of PVC foam board is usually between 0.3 and 0.85g/CM3,The Celuka foam board with a density below 0.4g/cm3 is difficult to form a very hard outer layer, but the advantage of this relatively low-density foam board is good ink absorption, which can be applied to advertising printing. Moreover, the Celuka board can be applied to make models and handicraft works because of its low density, low hardness, easy hand cutting, and easy processing.

PVC sheets have a wide range of applications, and usually, high-density PVC foam sheets are also popular in the advertising and building materials industries. Now, let’s introduce some common uses of PVC foam sheets

1、PVC foam board for Engraving

Engraving is the most common and extensive processing of PVC sheets, PVC engraving generally uses mechanical engraving, rare use of laser engraving.

2. PVC foam board for UV printing

PVC board can be used for UV printing, but when printing, you need to consider the adhesion of the ink to the board. If the ink is not strong adhesion to the surface of the plate, you can add a special curing agent.

3. Celuka board for Partition carving

Carving partition with PVC foam board is a very popular way of indoor and outdoor decoration in countries all over the world. The partition carved with PVC foam board has exquisite style and rich variety patterns, and it can transmit light and wind, so Celuka board is ideal for partitioning

Through the above article, the reader should have a new understanding of the density of PVC foam board

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