What determines the quality of PVC foam board?


Want to buy high quality PVC foam Board?Now lets find out what determines the quality of PVC foam board?

Calcium carbonate is one of the important raw materials in the production of PVC foam board. and is favored by the PVC foam board industry. Compared to other inorganic mineral fillers, calcium carbonate has obvious advantages. The content of calcium carbonate is also one of the important factors in determining the quality of PVC foam sheets.


1) cheap price, whether heavy calcium or light calcium in a variety of inorganic mineral filler prices are lower so that you can better control the production costs of PVC foam board.


2) Good color, easy to color, and can do light-colored plastic products. Adding different color pigments in the production process of PVC foam boards can produce foam boards with rich colors.


3) Low hardness, its Mohs hardness is 3, which is much lower than the steel used for manufacturing and processing mechanical equipment and molds.


4) Good thermal and chemical stability, the thermal decomposition temperature of calcium carbonate is above 800 ℃, the addition of calcium carbonate can strengthen the thermal stability of PVC foam board.

Quick dry

5) Easy to dry, no crystalline water, the adsorbed water can be easily removed by heating.


6) Non-toxic, non-irritating, tasteless, especially our calcite, marble, limestone resources are abundant.

Adding calcium carbonate in PVC foam board, in addition to reducing production costs and increasing the stiffness of the foam board, also plays the role of a nucleating agent of the bubble hole.

At present, in the production process of PVC foam board, light calcium, heavy calcium, and active calcium, all three types of calcium are in use, through different formulations, can achieve the effect of making PVC foam sheet. The addition of calcium carbonate can make the density of the PVC foam sheet down to 0.3g/cm3 or so.

The density of the current advertising foam board is between 0.3g/cm3-0.6g/cm3. When the amount of calcium carbonate added is not enough, it will cause the foaming multiplier of the foaming board to be low. When the amount of calcium carbonate is too much, it causes the foaming multiplier of PVC foam board to decrease. In addition, due to the density of calcium carbonate itself, add too much, but increased the density of PVC foam board.

In short, in the production process of PVC foam board, calcium carbonate should be added accurately and reasonably according to the product properties in order to produce high-quality products.

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