Why Celuka board so popular for furniture?

PVC Celuka board, as an emerging board, is widely welcomed in the advertising industry, building materials industry and construction industry. Now let’s explore why Celuka board is so popular in the furniture industry.

Glossy appearance of Celuka board

Celuka boards are produced using the Celuka process, which results in a crusty surface. The board is smooth and flat on the outside, and has high hardness, good mechanical properties, and is strong and durable. The furniture made of Celuka board looks simple, beautiful and generous.


Celuka board is waterproof. Compared to wood panels, which are widely used in the furniture industry, they are prone to mold and cracking in humid environments. This disadvantage of wood panels can be avoided by using Celuka boards for furniture. Therefore, Celuka board is very suitable for areas with high air humidity, such as coastal areas and humid tropical areas. Celuka board is also a good choice for bathroom cabinets because of the humid environment in the bathroom.

Fire retardant

Celuka board also has fire retardant properties, and its fire rating can reach B1 level. Therefore Celuka Board can also be used to make doors and frame substrates for kitchen cabinets.

The price of Celuka board is also very advantageous,And the furniture made of Celuka Board in the use of the process will not emit formaldehyde, more environmentally friendly

We have discussed some of the advantages of using Celuka boards for furniture making, and hope that they will be helpful to our readers in selecting boards for furniture making.

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