Partitions and carving panels made of PVC foam board

Nowadays, partitions and carving panels made of PVC foam board are widely welcomed in many countries.In this article, let’s discuss its advantages.

Hollow carving has a unique artistic effect in the carving and decoration of buildings. Hollow carving is also customarily called see-through carving, which is made of wooden crafts and decorative materials by using a wire saw blade to carve hollows in the template on the wooden board in ancient times. Due to the progress of modern technology and process improvements, as well as the emergence of new materials, greatly enhance the technical level of hollow carving and the quality of carved products.

Carving is generally made through a series of operations such as drawing, hollowing, chiseling, repairing, and refining. Because it has a more proportional carving gap, it can present a striking carving pattern, exquisite and strong artistic style, very suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration.

Now the popular carving decorative materials on the market can be divided into wood carving and PVC foam board carving. Compared with the traditional wood carving, the decorative board made by using PVC foam board has several advantages as follows.

Lighter weight of PVC foam board

The density of PVC foam board is relatively low and the weight is lighter compared to wood, which makes it more convenient to carry during processing and carving, saving time and effort.

Easier to process

The material of PVC foam board is evenly distributed, the cross-section is flat and smooth, easy to process in the carving process, and the cross-section is flat without polishing after cutting. Wooden materials, on the other hand, not only have high requirements for the carving process because they contain a large number of plant fibers, but also take a lot of time and manpower to polish the surface of the products after the carving is completed.

But wood carved panels also have advantages that PVC foam board cannot match. Wood carved panels have more artistic ornamental value and better texture.

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