Application of PVC foam board in the construction industry


PVC foam board has the advantages of good thermal insulation, heat preservation, sound insulation, light load bearing, etc. It is better than other light weight solid plastic expanded perlite, ceramic granules, asbestos products and other heat preservation materials, easy to operate.

Insulation materials

PVC foam board is used as insulation layer for roof insulation and exterior wall insulation, which has incomparable insulation performance and adhesion performance for structural layer.

PVC foam board also has many advantages such as convenient construction, environmental protection, time saving, efficiency, etc., which can be used to replace other heat insulation materials such as polystyrene .

Decoration material


Some areas also use PVC foam board to make foam board tiles to achieve the purpose of roof insulation and exterior wall insulation. It has the following characteristics.

PVC foam board and profiles are widely used in the North American market as housing decoration materials in ordinary houses, villas and public places.

PVC foam board with thickness of 3-5mm can be applied as PVC ceiling panel,PVC foam board with thickness of 9-25.4mm can be applied as decorative materials for interior and exterior walls of houses, and can also be used to make fences and planters. PVC foam profiles can be applied to wall corners and door and window decoration materials.

PVC foam board for Furniture material

PVC foam is also a very good furniture material, in North America, PVC foam is favored by cabinet manufacturers, PVC foam can not only be used to make the framework of the kitchen cabinets, but also by PVC foam lamination, baking paint treatment, you can make a variety of patterns, beautiful appearance of the cabinet doors. PVC foam sheets can be extruded and bent at high temperatures to create different shapes of furniture panels.

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