How to laminate PVC foam board?


PVC foam board is an ideal lamination material, PVC foam board can be laminated with a variety of materials and ways to provide customers with a rich variety of options. After lamination, the PVC foam board has a wide variety of patterns, good quality and low price, which is a very excellent decoration and decorative materials. Today we will introduce some general knowledge of PVC foam board surface processing


First of all, use the carving machine to cut out the design size of the PVC foam board according to the design, then select the type of finish to be laminated, the general type of finish that can be processed by the foam board is Mirena board, baking paint finish


 PVC foam board can also be bent processing, but bending molding is only applicable to solid foam board, hollow foam board is not applicable. When processing, place the PVC foam board in the upper and lower molds, cover the surface with aluminum sheet,heat the PVC foam board to a temperature of 70-90 degrees Celsius,using the pressure of the upper and lower molds to press out the desired shape, the surface of the PVC foam board will not have any changes due to heating and bending after cooling after molding.

When laminating PVC foam board, you can print different patterns of wood grain on the surface of PVC foam board in advance according to the customer’s needs, in order to reduce the processing procedures of PVC foam board.

Procession method

PVC foam board surface can be baked paint processing, baking paint categories according to the different processing methods can be divided into general baking paint, piano baking paint, ceramic baking paint. PVC foam board in the piano baking paint processing needs to be added plus anti-UV components to avoid changes in the color of the surface of the board after processing. The surface hardness of PVC foam board after ceramic baking paint is optimal, and the scratch resistance is very good.

Other laminated method

PVC foam board other common ways of lamination and, paste acrylic board, Menai board and Menai paper. PVC foam board edge sealing treatment, generally to automatic edge sealing machine edge sealing, automatic edge sealing machine is divided into roller type and crawler type two.

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