Some characteristics of PVC foam board


PVC foam board has a high degree of cleanliness, easy processing, strong corrosion resistance, reliable electrical insulation performance, long life, anti-UV, anti-static points. Its high temperature and pressure resistance is higher than the general similar products. PVC rigid foam board is flexible, easy to shape, not easy to brittle, non-toxic and non-polluting, long preservation time characteristics.

PVC foam board has good adiabatic, thermal insulation, sound insulation, light load bearing and other properties, better than other light solid plastic expanded perlite, ceramic granules, asbestos products and other insulation materials. pvc foam board has the characteristics of easy operation, high mechanization, time saving, labor saving.

Thermal insulation

PVC foam board is used as insulation layer for roof insulation and exterior wall insulation, with incomparable insulation performance and adhesion to the structural layer, as well as convenient construction, environmental protection, time saving, efficiency and many other advantages, can be used to replace polystyrene and other insulation materials.

PVC foam board is also used in the south of China to make PVC foam board tiles to achieve roof insulation and exterior wall insulation

Sound insulation

PVC foam board insulation board contains a large number of independent bubbles and is evenly distributed, with a sound absorption capacity of 0.09-0.19%, which is 5 times that of ordinary concrete, and has the function of effective sound insulation.

PVC foam board has less water absorption, relatively independent closed bubbles and good integrity, which makes it have certain waterproof performance.


PVC foam board can be processed like wood by drilling, sawing, nailing, planing, gluing, etc. It can be constructed by using general wood processing tools. PVC foam board can be processed by secondary thermoforming and folding, and can be directly bonded with other PVC materials.

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