Introduction of polycarbonate sheet

Polycarbonate sheet, before it was widely used in building facades, was actually most commonly used in greenhouses because it combines light, heat and sound insulation, shading from the sun and rain, and heat and light transmission. In recent years, polycarbonate sheets have become one of the ideal lighting materials for architectural decoration and are widely used worldwide.

Light weight

Compared with ordinary glass, polycarbonate sheet can reach 89% light transmission, impact strength is 250-300 times than ordinary glass, anti-ultraviolet (UV) coating and anti-condensation treatment makes it a combination of anti-UV, heat insulation and anti-droplet function, can block UV through, protect valuable art and exhibits from UV damage.

The specific gravity of polycarbonate sheet is only half that of glass, the light weight feature can save the cost of transportation, handling, installation and support frame. Polycarbonate sheets meet the national standard of flame-retardant B grade, its own high ignition point, self-extinguishing after leaving the fire, burning will not produce toxic gases, will not contribute to the spread of fire. Under the same thickness, polycarbonate sheet has better acoustic insulation.

Specification of polycarbonate sheet

he thickness of polycarbonate sheet is generally 0.8cm, 1.0cm, 1.2cm, 1.5cm, 2.0cm, 2.5cm, 3.0cm-30cm, and the common structures are meter hollow board, double-layer, three-layer, four-layer square hollow board and honeycomb hollow board.

Customers can choose the appropriate polycarbonate sheet according to the different needs of use occasions and functions.


The production process of polycarbonate sheet adopts extrusion method, which can theoretically produce any size sheet, the specific size is limited by the requirements of transportation and installation. The colors are transparent, milky white, lake blue, grass green, teal, red, black, yellow, etc. The color specifications can be customized according to the use requirements.

Light effects

Polycarbonate sheet can reflect different transparency, transparency differences, allowing a sense of space, atmosphere, light effects and privacy, these allow customers to allow customers to have a richer choice.


Polycarbonate sheet is commonly used in garden, amusement place whimsical decoration and resting place of the gallery pavilion; commercial building interior and exterior decoration, curtain wall of modern city building; aviation transparent container, motorcycle front windshield, aircraft, train, ship, car, motorboat, submarine and glass military and police shield.telephone booth, advertising road signs, light box advertising, display exhibition arrangement; instruments, meters, high and low voltage switchgear panels and military industry The glass is also used for the decoration of walls, roofs, screens and other high-grade interior materials; highway and city elevated road noise barriers, etc.

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