How to use PVC foam board to make  cabinets ?

PVC foam board for cabinet

Selection of PVC foam board

Observe the appearance and color of the PVC foam board, the surface is flat and smooth PVC foam board can be directly used to make the exposed part of the bathroom cabinet. Surface defects and nodes of the board, it is necessary to go through a special process for the production of bathroom cabinets back body part. PVC foam boards with cracks and major defects on the surface can not be used to make bathroom cabinets.

In addition ,for the production of bathroom cabinets PVC foam board density is generally not less than 0.5g/cm3, many customers also like to choose then 0.5g/cm3, 0.55g/cm3, and 0.6g/cm3 three densities of PVC foam board used to make cabinets and bathroom cabinets.

Cutting PVC foam board

According to the drawing of the bathroom cabinet to be made, cut the sheets according to the shape and size of the model of each part.


The door, side panels and floor parts of the bathroom cabinet are all spliced in a process that is very much about craftsmanship and precision. Next, the model is fixed with professional tools around, as well as above and below with pressure and wait for 24 hours.


After the first few processes, the bathroom cabinet has taken shape, the following will be cut this process. The process of precision requirements are very high, the error between the various components of the bathroom cabinet to be calculated in millimeters. So we have to measure the prototype after the splicing, cut off the part of the error is too large.


Paint to use professional polyester paint, to ensure that the bathroom cabinet can achieve the effect of waterproof and insect-resistant, simple and generous color is the bathroom cabinet in the market to win the favor of the important conditions.

Painting is divided into primer and topcoat, before and after a total of four times to brush paint treatment, so the paint process takes a long time. If you want to shorten the working time to simplify the painting process, it will greatly reduce the quality of bathroom cabinets. A set of bathroom cabinets painting process generally need more than 3 days.


Put the PVC foam board parts on the professional installation table for assembly after the surface paint dries, and check again whether there are problems with the size and paint of the parts. After the assembly is finished, the bathroom cabinet is wrapped with cling film and put into a cardboard box and fixed with a wooden box.

This way a bathroom cabinet made of PVC foam board is completed.

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