What is the warranty period of polycarbonate sheet?

When customers consult to buy Polycarbonate sheet, many people do not understand why the same processing process of polycarbonate sheet warranty period is different, how should we understand the warranty period of polycarbonate sheet? Today, we will discuss this issue.

Lower quality polycarbonate sheets are generally guaranteed for one or three years, while high quality polycarbonate sheets are guaranteed for up to five or ten years. Sometimes, the warranty period of a product is also related to the environment in which it is applied.


Polycarbonate sheet is applied to direct contact with the external environment of the building as a lighting material and covering material, and is a product that needs to be directly involved in the main structure of the building, and this material requires long-term quality assurance. In addition, compared with other lighting materials, the price point of polycarbonate panels is relatively high, and the cost is also a major concern for customers.

UV co-extrusion

There are many factors affecting the quality assurance time of polycarbonate sheet, among which the choice of raw material is important, followed by UV co-extrusion technology, then the thickness of the sheet, etc. Under normal circumstances, the quality of the raw material of polycarbonate determines the transparency and impact resistance of the sheet.


Polycarbonate sheets with 10-year warranties are produced with brand new materials, while other products with short warranties are generally produced using a mix of recycled materials. Some low-end manufacturers even use recycled materials for production, whose quality can be considered average. The UV co-extrusion process involves co-extruding a UV protective layer on the surface of the sheet to prevent the sheet from turning yellow due to UV light. The thickness of the UV coating plays a decisive role in avoiding yellowing.

In general, polycarbonate sheet lose 5 microns of UV coating per year, so a 10-year warranty requires a total of 50 microns of UV protection to be extruded. Another factor that affects the warranty period is the thickness of the board. If the sheet is too thin, external impact resistance will be reduced and the mechanical stresses imposed by the natural environment will inevitably damage the panel. Therefore, the thickness of Polycarbonate sheet under a general 10-year warranty should not be less than 6 mm

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