How to make a luminous billboard with PVC foam board

Now common light-emitting billboards are made of acrylic panels, today we will discuss how to use PVC foam board to make light-emitting billboards


First select a PVC foam board with a thickness of 25MM and use paint to pull out the wood texture on the surface of the PVC foam board. Next, spray the wood grain paint on the surface of the PVC foam board, so that the surface of the board will show the effect of wood grain, looking more like a wood panel.

Carving the PVC foam board

Place the PVC foam board after coloring on the operating board of the carving machine, carve the desired text and pattern on the surface of the board, the depth of the text and pattern should be greater than 8mm. Then choose a bottle of yellow translucent resin, pour the translucent resin into a small bottle for easy extrusion, and use the small bottle to fill the translucent resin evenly into the engraved words and patterns.

Carving the back side

After the part of the resin filled in the previous step dries, turn the PVC foam board over and use the engraving machine to engrave the pattern and the remaining depth of the font on the back side of the PVC foam board. For example, the depth of the text and pattern carved on the front side is 8MM, then the reverse side only needs to be carved to a depth of 17MM, so that the resin-filled part can be exposed on the back side.

Next, use 3MM thick PVC foam board to carve out the text and pattern as the backboard of the billboard. In the back of the carved text and patterns glued LED strip, LED strip should be laid as dense as possible to ensure that all the patterns and text have sufficient brightness. Finally, put the processed backboard on the back of the billboard, connect the power supply to the billboard,

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