How to identify pvc foam board and kt board?

PVC foam board and KT board are widely used in the advertising industry, but many people can’t distinguish between KT board and PVC board, and some people even think that these two types of board are made of the same material, here we will introduce what are the differences between these two types of board.


PVC foam board is a plastic material, and its main component is polyvinyl chloride. And KT board is a foam material, its core is generated by PS particles after foaming, its main component is polystyrene.


Both PVC and KT board surfaces can be used for lamination. PVC foam Board can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications, not only in the advertising industry, but also in the furniture, decoration, and building materials industries. The KT board can only be used for indoor advertising, so PVC foam board has more advantages in terms of service life.The surface hardness of PVC foam board is high, and machine-assisted cutting is required for processing, while KT board is less hard and can be cut manually.PVC foam board has strong scratch resistance, the surface is not easy to produce scratches, kt board is more fragile, not only easy to produce scratches, but toughness is also poor.


·The weight of PVC foam board is much heavier than KT board, which needs to be reinforced during installation. kt board is lightweight and easy to install.


·The price of PVC foam board is much higher than KT board, and the price of good quality PVC foam board is 5-10 times more than the price of KT board.


·PVC foam board is more used to make laser engraved letters and various cultural walls and backdrop shapes, which is ideal outdoor advertising material.

Applicable Place

·PVC foam board can be exposed to sunlight for a long time,and has the characteristics of waterproof and fireproof. KT board does not have these advantages, and the surface will be blistered and deformed when exposed to sunlight and rain, which will affect the picture quality of the surface.

This article introduces some differences between PVC foam board and KT board, hope it can help you distinguish between PVC foam board and KT board.

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