What is the white secret of PVC foam board?

Poor stability of PVC

At present, the sales and application market of PVC foam board is developing rapidly and promisingly. The potential of PVC foam board and its benefits to the ecological environment are evident to all of us, and it is favored by consumers with its own excellent characteristics. However, because of the poor stability of PVC itself to light and heat, it will decompose and produce hydrogen chloride above 100 ℃ or after a long exposure to sunlight.and further autocatalytic decomposition, there will be the phenomenon of yellowing and fading.

At this time, the physical and mechanical properties of PVC foam board is also greatly reduced. To avoid this, chemical additives such as stabilizers, UV absorbers and PVC foam whitening agents can be added to the production process of PVC foam boards to improve the stability of PVC foam board to heat and light.

Selection of raw materials for PVC foam board

The role of PVC foam board whitening agent is used to increase the whiteness and brightness of the foam board, to improve the appearance and quality of PVC foam board. Due to the competition and pressure of the market situation, the price of PVC foam board is becoming more and more transparent. In order to have a certain profit margin, many manufacturers of PVC foam board will add a certain percentage of old material and mix it with new material, so as to achieve the purpose of cost reduction. But the appearance of the PVC foam board produced in this way decreases in whiteness and dullness. In such a case, adding PVC foam whitening agent is a good solution.


PVC foam board fluorescent whitening agent can effectively inhibit the PVC foam board just produced whiteness is not enough, later discoloration, fading and other problems. It can keep the whiteness and brightness of PVC foam board for a long time, with high whiteness value, remarkable whitening effect and good weather resistance. And fluorescent whitening agent is stable, can be dissolved in a variety of organic solutions, good dispersion. Each ton of material only needs to add 100-500 grams of PVC foam board whitening agent can effectively improve the whiteness and brightness of PVC foam board, saving costs for PVC foam board manufacturers while improving the quality of products.

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