What is the Production procedure of PVC foam board?


Ingredients of PVC foam board

The production of PVC foam board generally adopts vacuum loading machine for loading. The vacuum feeding machine consists of vacuum pump, filter, suction pipe, vacuum hopper, suction pipe, storage tank and so on. When working, the vacuum pump makes negative pressure in the vacuum hopper through the filter and suction pipe.

At this time, the material in the storage tank will be sucked into the vacuum hopper by the suction pipe under the action of this negative pressure. When the material in the vacuum hopper reaches a certain material level, the vacuum pump will stop working and the vacuum hopper will stop feeding due to the loss of negative pressure.

At this time, the material door in the lower part of the hopper opens and the material falls into the main hopper. After a period of time, the material door closes again and the vacuum pump starts to work again. So the cycle, the production of PVC foam board feeding work is completed.

Material Recipe

The recipe is the basis for producing PVC foam board. Without a good formula, it is difficult to produce good quality PVC foam board, but the formula is not the only condition for producing quality boards.

The production process of PVC foam board mainly includes batching, hot mixing, cold mixing and waste recycling and blending.

Mixing is the 1st process in the production of PVC foam board and has a very important role. In the extrusion process of PVC foam board, the conical twin-screw extruder is generally used, and its positive transport role is much greater than the mixing of materials, so the uniform mixing and blending of various additives is mainly done by the mixing before extrusion.

Hot mixing process

Hot mix is not a simple mixing, stirring process of PVC foam board materials, is the formula of different components and the amount of material, in the high-speed rotation of the mixing paddles, driven by the mixing machine along the inner wall of the sharp dispersion, and from the center of the machine falls, the formation of swirling motion process.

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