Komatex Foam PVC Project Board 48 in. x 96 in.

Komatex Foam PVC Project Board 48 in. x 96 in.

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Komatex Foam PVC Project Board is a versatile, closed-cell, rigid foam PVC sheet that can be used in a variety of applications, including but not limited to graphics and signs, display, industrial and arts and crafts projects. Komatex features a closed-cell, matte-finish that gives you a perfect working surface. It is lightweight and easy to fabricate using common household tools. Experience has shown that Komatex is the highest-quality PVC project board available.

Place of Origin:Shandong, China
Size: 1220*2440mm,915*1830mm,1560*3050mm,2050*3050
Processing Service:Cutting, Moulding
Colour:white ,Green,yellow,red,blue,or customize color.
Quality:Eco-friendly,Waterproof, Fireproof,

Flame retardance:self-extinguishing less than 5 seconds
Processing effect:the edge Smooth after cut by cnc
Features:Strong & durable, Hard and Rigid, 100% Recyclable,Non-toxic
Applications:printing, advertising,

Delivery Port:Qingdao port
Delivery Time:Qty for 1x20ft container 10-15 days
Qty for 1x20ft container 15-21 days




Bulk Density 0.3-1.0 g/cm3 Dimensional Stability ±2%
Shore Hardness 30-85 D Water Absorption <1%
Tensile Strength 12-20 Mpa Flexural Strength 12-18 Mpa
Elongation At Break 15-20% Flexural Modulus 800-900 Mpa
Impact Strength 8-15 KJ/m2 Screw Holding Strength >800 N
Vicat Softening Temperature 73-76 ℃ Heating Dimensional Variation Ratio +2%
Hydroscopicity ≤1% Fire Resistance self-extinguish within 5 seconds

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