Celtec pvc

Celtec pvc

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Products Details

Product:Celtec pvc
Place of Origin:Shandong, China
Size: 1220*2440mm,915*1830mm,1560*3050mm,2050*3050
Processing Service:Cutting, Moulding




Size thickness density
1220*2440mm 2-40mm 0.3-0.9g/cm3
1560*3050mm 2-30mm 0.4-0.9g/cm3
2050*3050mm 2-10mm 0.5-0.9g/cm3
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Technical Data

Properties Units Average Result
Thickness mm 1~40
Width mm 1220, 1560, 2050
Length mm 2440, 3050
Apparent density g/cm³ 0.3-1.0
Determination of Water Absorption % 0.19
Tensile Strength at Yield MPa 19
Elongation at Break % 16
Flexural Modulus GPa 0.9
Charpy Impact Strength KJ/m² 1.4
Shore D Hardness Value 50
Pulling strength MPa 12
Bending strength MPa 20
Compressive strength MPa 4

Features :

Light-weight, easily transported and processed;
Smooth and easily printed and filmed with kinds of colors.
Good plasticity, excellent thermoforming material;
High Impact and fireproof;
Anti-chemical corrosion, Non-toxic;
Water-proof and good heat preservation;
Good sound insulation and shock absorption;
Unfading and anti-aging
Many ways of processing such as drilling, sawing ,nailing, planing, cementing, jointing.etc.

Advertisement: silk screen printing, engraving materials, exhibition board,denoters;
Building & Decoration: decorative sheets for outdoors and indoors, storage racks, room segments;
Vessel&Vehicle: interior decorating materials of buses, train, subway, steamships, airplane;
Furniture: office furniture, kitchen cabinet, bathroom cabinet;
Industrial Application: thermoformed products, refrigeratory warehouse project, environmental prot ection engineering;
Others: moulding board, sports apparatus, breeding timber, beach moisture-proof facilities, water-resistant timber, art materials, all kinds of light partition plates.


Bulk Density 0.3-1.0 g/cm3 Dimensional Stability ±2%
Shore Hardness 30-85 D Water Absorption <1%
Tensile Strength 12-20 Mpa Flexural Strength 12-18 Mpa
Elongation At Break 15-20% Flexural Modulus 800-900 Mpa
Impact Strength 8-15 KJ/m2 Screw Holding Strength >800 N
Vicat Softening Temperature 73-76 ℃ Heating Dimensional Variation Ratio +2%
Hydroscopicity ≤1% Fire Resistance self-extinguish within 5 seconds


Delivery Port:Qingdao port
Delivery Time:Qty for 1x20ft container 10-15 days
Qty for 1x20ft container 15-21 days

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