How to solve the hairy edge problem during PVC foam board carving?

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PVC foam board is often used in the advertising industry advertising materials, in the carving process if we encounter the problem of hairy edge how to solve it? Today we will discuss it.

Material problems

PVC foam board material problems, in general, the occasional hairy edge situation hi easier to deal with, if it is a large range as well as a large area of carved hairy edge, we have to consider the reasons for the material.

Solution: Whether the quality of the PVC foam board used is acceptable, the quality of the material used is required to meet the requirements, and the product is procured from a regular manufacturer.

The problem of the knife

The problem of the knife, the knife has not been replaced for a long time, resulting in the knife can not work sharp.

Solution: regular replacement of tools, choose the right tool to carve, observe the output when carving PVC foam board, the emergence of such a situation to replace the tool in a timely manner, the tool needs to be regularly replaced to check.

The direction of carving

The direction of carving has changed.

Solution: change the direction of carving in the carving software, cutting right angle method is to use a flat-bottomed sharp knife to do the surface of the carving, carving is completed and then change the straight knife for cutting! The use of 2 kinds of tools to complete the processing.

Some customers do not require the side then generally are pointed knife carving pointed knife cutting a knife to complete, eliminating the trouble of changing the knife midway the reason for cutting out with an angle, the customer requires a straight edge, then use 2 kinds of knives pointed knife carving straight knife cutting.

Make small sample

Before the large-scale PVC foam board carving, carve a small sample to test the carving effect to avoid wasting the whole PVC foam board. It is normal that the carving will occasionally have a burr.

Carving PVC foam board, choose a fine point of double-edged spiral knife 1mm, 1.5mm, the knife to go slower, small words with the above-mentioned knife, large words with a hollow knife note that the edge is longer than the thickness of the plate.

The above is the main content of the solution to the PVC foam board burrs, I hope it will help you.

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