How to select PVC foam board?

PVC foam board

Some of our customers do not know how to select PVC foam board,As a China manufacturer of PVC foam board, today we would like to introduce some common knowledge about PVC foam board.


The size of PVC foam board we produce is generally 1220*2440mm, 1560*3050mm, 2050*3050mm . Among them, 1220*2440mm is the most widely used, and some European customers prefer the size of 1560*3050mm and 2050*3050mm PVC foam board.We, Saidali Jinan New material Co.,LTD, can produce PVC foam board with the thickness of 1-40mm.


The most common color of PVC board is white, but of course there are also colored sheets, although there is less demand for them in actual production and application. Customers who need colored PVC foam board can also spray colored paint on the surface of white PVC foam board.

In general, the minimum order quantity for a single color of colored PVC foam board is 10 tons, but some customers’ quantity cannot reach this requirement, and we often receive complaints from customers in this regard. The reasons are as follows. First of all, the customers who order colored PVC foam board are still few, and our production line is mainly for producing white PVC foam board.

The production process of colored PVC foam board needs to add pigment, which will make the production line stained. So after the production of colored PVC foam board, if we want to continue to produce white PVC foam board on this production line, we need to clean the production line completely, and this process is very time-consuming and laborious, so we have high requirements for the starting quantity of colored PVC foam board.


In the same thickness, good quality white PVC sheet, has a higher strength, harder surface, not easy to bend, not easy to scratch, not easy to fall ash, long time use does not change yellow. And poor quality PVC sheet texture sparse, lower hardness, the surface is not flat, some cross-sections and even bubble-like pattern.


PVC foam board with a density lower than 0.5 is flexible and has a better ink absorption function, so it is often used as a substrate for UV printing. PVC foam board with density higher than 0.5g/CM3 can also be called high-density PVC foam board. High-density PVC foam board has a high surface hardness and is easy to process and handle, and is often used as an engraving board in the advertising industry to engrave letters and graphics.

Because PVC foam board is both waterproof and fireproof, high-density PVC foam board is also often used to make furniture and cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and carved partitions. However, compared to the high-density PVC foam board used in the advertising industry, the quality of the high-density PVC foam board used to make cabinets and bathroom cabinets is a bit higher, and its price is naturally more expensive.

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