How to laminate PVC foam board?


Preparation Materials

Remove the protective film from the prepared PVC foam board, if the surface of PVC foam board is not clean, clean the surface with ethanol or methylene chloride, put the clean PVC foam board on the pallet, put the PVC foam board in the middle of the laminator, position the machine with reference to the position of the foam board, and firstly fix the guide roller to prevent the profile from going off when laminating.

According to the PVC foam board lamination area to adjust the small pressure wheel to the best position, to achieve the left and right pressure wheel power symmetry, pressure wheel and PVC foam board work at the same time, found that the small pressure wheel does not rotate means that this pressure wheel does not work, to readjust.


To use the cold glue machine, you have to put the adjusted glue into the scraping box, and the PUR hot glue machine heats up the PUR glue. Put the affinity agent into the affinity liquid device.


When the machine is turned on and running, the film enters into the upper oven for heating after scraping the glue, the general temperature is about 50 degrees Celsius. After passing the drying, most of the solvent in the glue scraped on the film has evaporated and the film continues to go forward along with the machine.

Pressed on the drive roller of the PVC foam board into the machine, first through the affinity agent coated on its surface equipment, and then into the infrared heating zone for heating, the temperature is generally at 55 degrees Celsius, heating the surface of the PVC foam board can basically reach 42 degrees, and then through the hot fan, so that the affinity agent coated on the surface of the PVC foam board volatile after the PVC foam board into the laminating area.


After the scraping and heating process, the film enters the main laminating area through the laminating pressure roller. Before wrapping, we also have to decide whether the film is also heated for the second time according to the working environment. When the film enters the main laminating area, if it goes off, the film can be adjusted left and right according to the photoelectric deflector on the laminating machine.

The PVC foam board and the film meet in the main laminating area, and the PVC foam board and the film are pressed together through the press wheel, and the air behind the film is slowly pressed out through multiple press wheels.


When laminating the film, it must be pressed from the middle to the outside and rolled from the large side to the small side. With the forward movement of the profile and the rolling of the press wheel, the film will be firmly wrapped on the surface of the PVC foam board according to the shape of the PVC foam board.

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