How to Identify the quality of PVC foam board?

Plastic sheet is a new type of plastic material made from plastic as raw material. In the past two decades, China’s plastic sheet industry has developed at a relatively fast pace. Benefit from the industry’s production technology level and the continuous improvement of production capacity,The development situation of the plastic sheet industry is very promising. in both the domestic and international markets . There are many types of of new sheet and plate products. Some of them have been popular for many years, while others are just coming on the market.

At present, the plastic sheet products often seen in the market are The products are PVC foam board, PP sheet, PE sheet, PET sheet, PS sheet, PC sheet, etc. Among them, PVC foam board is one of the most popular and widely used materials in plastic sheet. Let’s discuss how to identify the quality of PVC foam board.

Observe the flatness of the outer surface of the PVC foam board

High-quality PVC foam board manufacturers use a large amount of PVC resin materials and stabilizer products in the production process, so the outer surface of PVC foam board is extremely flat.

Users can judge the quality of these PVC Celuka boards by observing the flatness of the outer surface when purchasing them If you find PVC foam board surface cracks or scratches, consumers should be careful to buy.

Identify the smell of the board

The rapid development of the economy has led to a change in the concept of decoration in modern society. Many people also pay more and more attention to the environmental performance of materials when purchasing decoration materials. Therefore, users can also identify the odor emitted by the PVC foam board to judge whether it is environmentally friendly. If the PVC foam board version emits a pungent odor, it means that the quality of the board is not up to standard.

Observe the flame of the board when it burns

Good quality PVC foam board not only has the characteristics of flat and smooth surface, but also has the properties of fireproof and difficult to burn. Users purchasing PVC foam board can use the flame to burn the board when conditions permit, and judge its quality by observing the changes that occur in the board PVC foam board during the burning process.

Observe the cross-section of the PVC foam board

The cross-section of a good quality PVC foam board has a flat cut, no large or small cavities, and not too much powder fiber off. Some manufacturers add a lot of cheap additives in the production process to save costs, which will lead to excessive foaming of PVC foam boards and too many holes, greatly reducing the quality and hardness of PVC foam boards.

Above we have introduced some methods to identify the quality of PVC foam boards when buying them, and we hope that they will be helpful to readers in their actual purchase.

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