How to handle PVC foam board?


PVC foam board sheet is versatile, flexible, lightweight, and durable and is ideal for use digital or screen printing, fabrication, and construction.PVC foam board exhibits the whitest color available and has been successfully tested and approved by digital flatbed printer manufacturers worldwide.

Printers and display buidlers will benefit from its consistent, smooth, and bright surface for producing high quality displays.PVC foam board is easily handled, cut and fabricated using conventional tools and equipment, and can be printed, painted or laminated.


PVC foam board can be cut with a knife or blade. For PVC foam board 3 mm and thicker, carbide-tipped, High speed steel blades normally recommended for wood or plastic (hook type)can be used.

Drilling PVC foam board

PVC foam board can be drilled with carbide-tipped bits using twist drills recommended for metals.The following settings are recommended:The minimum distance from the edge should be 2 times the hole diameter. In an effort to reduce up during drilling of thicker PVC foam board, it may be necessary to periodically remove the drill bit from the PVC foam board.


PVC foam board can be milled by using standard milling machines of various types utilizing the following guidelines:


PVC foam board can be easily routed using multi-fluted carbide tools on standard woodworkingrouters. Standard tools and machines can be utilized with no need to alter equipment. Adjust feed and speed rates as needed to achieve the best edge finish on the PVC foam board.

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